In one captivating film, caregivers and their loved ones are united, reminding the world of the importance of support and understanding.

In a lightning-fast two-week production, we collaborated with Hands agency and Born05 to bring an extraordinary project to life. Our dynamic set, a 10-meter table gliding seamlessly along a rail, set the stage for a visually stunning journey.

On November 10th, we commemorate the Day of the Caregiver, and, the online platform of Alzheimer Netherlands, joins in with profound reflection. Each year, unveils a campaign around this significant day, allowing caregivers to recognize themselves and find solace in their shared experiences. This year, we embarked on a tender, relatable visual journey, portraying a man balancing the care for his young family, his father with dementia, and his own career.

This project showcases the remarkable ability of storytelling to foster empathy and connection. In just one captivating film, we unite caregivers and their loved ones, reminding the world of the importance of support and understanding. Together, we make every day a Day of Care.

Behind the story

Through a captivating top-down perspective, we witness his relentless journey across different time frames. The commercial unfolds in a single, uninterrupted shot, weaving a seamless narrative with dynamic lighting and skilled hand models.

As the story reaches its conclusion, we implore viewers not to forget any caregiver they know. And that's where we lend a helping hand. Everyone has the opportunity to order a special pin via, along with a heartfelt personal message, to be sent to the caregivers who hold a special place in their hearts.


Alzheimer Nederland



Production Agency



Dennis van Vugt

Creative Director

Enzo Greco


Jelmer den Adel, Enzo Greco

Director of Photography

Shaun Leyden

Art director

Sjoerd Verbeek

Agency Producers

Fredrik Pot, Romy Janssen


Hilmer Thijs


Jelmer den Adel


Gerben den Adel

Post production

Jelmer den Adel

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