Through the creation of a modular system, a vast database of visual assets based on common communication themes has been developed. This allows for the rapid combination of different elements, resulting in a unique and effective response to current events.

Barenbrug is a global leader in recreational and forage grasses, as well as other leguminous crops. With decades of expertise in grass cultivation, Barenburg is the expert in the field. Whether it’s finding solutions for different types of soil or tackling various grass-related problems, Barenbrug’s extensive knowledge bank has got you covered.

But Barenbrug’s needs go beyond just being knowledgeable. They need to be able to react quickly and effectively to current events with a recognisable message. In addition, they want to link their diverse products to different recognisable grass problems. That’s where we come in with our solution.

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Our goal is to create a big database of assets that Barenburg could use different deliverables.
Our solution involves building a modulair system of all possible themes related to grass and all the different themes. We created 20 handmade miniature islands, that are part of the first elements for the database. This is the first part of a big database we’re creating for Barenburg. We use an isometric style that allows us to create new combinations for quick and effective responses to current events with a simple post.

We had so much fun with crafting these enormous small islands. To get the best illusion we really had to play with the scale for the best results.



Production Agency

That's Rad

Creative Direction

Jelmer den Adel, Vincent Hammingh

Director of Photography

Shaun Leyden


Daan Opmeer

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