Crafting a sustainable soda revolution, one sip at a time.

Have you heard about Roze Bunker? They are a soda company that stands out as problem solvers. They have found a way to reduce the amount of unnecessary water in their drinks and are experimenting with logical systems to make a positive impact in the soda industry. Additionally, Roze Bunker's flavors are exceptional, with ingredients like wild-grown crops and rescue berries that contribute to sustainability. They aim to use every part of the lemon, from Limoncello to soap, to minimize waste. Roze Bunker's commitment to innovation and sustainability is making the world a better place, one soda at a time. Consider trying Roze Bunker the next time you're thirsty to support their mission.

We had the honor of working with Roze Bunker on their mission to transform the soda industry. Despite a tight budget, our team got creative and handcrafted every scene to create a visually stunning masterpiece. We structured the film in clear-cut chapters so that it can be easily shared on social media. Our team was fueled by passion and belief in Roze Bunker's vision for a better world. Join us in the fight for change, one sip at a time. Are you ready to be a part of the revolution?

Soda as a solution

The story of Roze Bunker needs to be told and shown to the world on a big scale. It’s about inspiring others to work in the same way to make a change in the soda industry. This film really tells their serious story in a funny way. Roze Bunker wants to create an activistic but positive movement. Not only for the environmentalists, but just by common sense and logical thinking. We need to think more local and about production chains.

Behind the Scenes

For every scene we created a totally new decor. Handmade and carefully collected to create the small scenes. We started with a lot of sketching and some scenes were modelled on scale, other scenes were tested in 3D to test the movements of the camera.The handmade elements really give the film a quirky feel to it and makes it more funny. And of course…Nothing is thrown away afterwards!. All the scenes were given a second life as decor in their store or used as stands. They even made vinegar and jam out of all the fruits that’s been used in the film!

Creative Direction

Jelmer den Adel, Vincent Hammingh


Jelmer den Adel, Vincent Hammingh

Director of Photography

Shaun Leyden


Jelmer den Adel

Art Direction

Melanie Corré, Vincent Hammingh

Director of Photography

Shaun Leyden


Jesse Laport


Melanie Corré, Jelmer den Adel, Vincent Hammingh


Kieran Scannell

2nd Assistant

Jelmer Kocx


Jelmer den Adel


Serhan Meewisse


Jelmer den Adel, Arjen Jongeneel

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