Two short films, tailored to each subscriber's viewing habits

We are delighted to have partnered with Born05 and Hands Agency to create an exceptional personalized birthday experience for Videoland subscribers.

We developed two short films, tailored to each subscriber's viewing habits, with one taking inspiration from the renowned Wes Anderson and the other from the classic heist movie Ocean's Eleven. The production of the films took only 10 weeks but required extensive brainstorming sessions to refine the best concepts. The entire set and props were handcrafted for the videos, and we shot them over two days at studio Het Nieuwe Kader in Arnhem.

Le Gateau d'Anniversaire

Meet Jacques de la Fête, a master pastry chef consumed by his work and always in the spotlight. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter Charlotte longs for his attention. But when Jacques receives the most prestigious commission of his career, everything takes a captivating turn. Charlotte seizes the opportunity to capture her father's heart. Will she succeed, or does she have a mischievous plan to steal the spotlight?

Operation: Birthday

Ronnie B, a notorious fugitive, has executed the perfect art heist, targeting a renowned masterpiece by Hamien Dirst, titled "The Birthday." With the police hot on his trail, they have surrounded the hotel where he is hiding. Will the master detective arrive in time? Or is this all part of Ronnie B's cunning plan?

Behind the scenes

A really nice challenge to create two totally different productions for the same campaign. But both in the same universe! By smart use of element en lighting we handcrafted every element of the scene for the perfect experience.

With an interplay of lasers, carefully orchestrated with a custom-made rig, creating mesmerizing swirling movements around the centerpiece cake. We even had a mousse actor on the set!
None of this would have been possible without the collaborative efforts of our skilled team of builders, actors, and specialists. Together, they meticulously crafted these intricate worlds, bringing imagination to reality. Join us as we lift the veil and offer an exclusive glimpse into the captivating artistry that lies behind these extraordinary productions.

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Production Agency

Hands Agency


Timo Wilderink


Jelmer den Adel


Hilmer Thijs, Jelmer den Adel

Art Direction

Dana Dijkgraaf, Vincent Hammingh, Marijn Slot

Project Management

Levi Raja Boean

Director of Photography

Shaun Leyden


Kieran Scannell


Berko Mulder

Sound Design

Jelmer den Adel


Jelmer den Adel

Color Grading

Tom van Dessel

Post Production

Jelmer den Adel


Het Nieuwe Kader

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